My sister, staying in her seated position, opened her robe much wider than it already was, then hooked her thumbs into the pretty, lacy, panties that she was wearing and began to pull the panties off.

The shocker for me was not simply that she took the panties off but it was how she took them off. With her thumbs hooked into the panties she lifted her 40+ buttocks just high enough to pull off the panties past her buttocks onto her thighs. Rather than bending over to pull the panties down, the biggest shock came after she pulled her knees up to Porno chapin her chest. Together with her legs flexed at the knee, she just as slowly pulled the panties down her thighs. Maintaining the eye contact, my sister pulled one of her pretty feet, covered in high heel sandals out of their panties, then stopped to hook the panty on the tip of her other high heeled feet. Maintaining one knee with her torso, she extended the leg together with panty on her foot. As she did this she ran her hands up her thighs as she spread them exposing her totally bald and beautiful pussy to me personally. Her pussy lips weren’t subjected, but her entire place was nice and helpless, with a juice running down to her tightly puckered asshole.

My sister stopped her foot as it was pressing the bulge hoping to rip it is way out of her panties I was wearing. Utilizing her foot and the panties she had only taken off to rub my stone tough, panty covered dick, she continued to rub her thighs with her hands, keeping our eye contact.

She also gave me time to adjust to the entire scene before finally asking me to wear the underwear she’d just removed.

I grabbed my sister’s foot, then ran my hands up her thighs as I raised my panty covered foot into my face and started to sniff the crotch of her panties. Together with her hot panties that close to my head I can now feel the warmth from her pussy and enjoy her sexy, wanton, odor as I rubbed her leg again. Together with my tongue to explore the crotch of her sexy panties I was able to taste my sister’s sweet juices from her sexy panties.

Continuing to use my tongue I pulled the underwear closer to my mouth afterward applied my lips and teeth to porno chapin ( pull them into my mouth.

I scooted closer to my sister afterward and rested her foot in my chest as I rose up slightly off the seat to eliminate the underwear I was wearing. My thick, exceptionally hard, dick practically jumped out of their panties and bounced like a diving board. I pulled the panties down enough that I could slip off them. With my sister’s high heeled foot still resting on my torso, I lifted my knees before taking her panties out of the mouth. I stayed in that place since I took the panties out of my mouth to put them on. My sister and I never lost eye contact, and her high heel covered foot left my chest, in reality I leaned forward some more to be able to boost the strain of her heel in my torso.

I pulled on the panties my sister had removed, stuffed my dick inside the panties, then resumed caressing my sister’s leg as far up as I can achieve.

As I did this my sister spoke again. Now that you have my underwear, is that where you need to prevent?

I was shocked, but not overly shocked I was not able to notice the significant shock of my dick that pushed out my sister’s underwear far enough my bulbous dickhead trapped out of the top of the panties.

1 August 2018


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