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Samsung Galaxy Tabs is a new era devices from the galaxy series by Samsung. The most notable new S Pencil feature is also the most fun. Samsung has gone a little insane with GIF creation on its recent cell phones, and Live Message is the reasonable next step in that insanity. Long tale short, you may use the S Pen to write animated messages that can be shared far and wide as GIFs. The idea is easy, but that simpleness belies its addictiveness: I am sending out handwritten text messages and marked-up photos that sparkle for weekly, and I’m beginning to think I’ve a problem. The only issue I’ve noticed is that causing GIFs can get pretty big (think: between 10MB and 20MB), so people who have firmly metered data programs might want to steer clear.

app para rastrear movilesOn Pocketnow Daily, rastrear movil google is spending so much time at getting us a better design for the Pixel 4. Someone at BestBuy put out some Pixel 3a XL boxes on the cabinets. We’ve new leaks of the OnePlus 7 Pro color variations. The Apple Watch is constantly on the dominate the marketplace by owning one third of it. We end today’s show with offers for the 2017 iPad Pro.

And yet despite the fact that Samsung doesn’t yet know why its Galaxy Fold phones were breaking, the business may already have shared an updated release date with partners. If true, Samsung is putting the cart ahead of the horse and we’ve little to no self-confidence that the business is truly doing everything in its capacity to fix the phone’s problems ahead of release.

As I mentioned, the G series represents budget phones for Motorola. With a cost tag around 249 dollars, the G6 is the true example of it. Since the price tag is this low, I can find almost nothing to criticize. Sure thing, we need to get something when a price is paid. But look, you get a quality case, 12 MP + 5 MP dual rear cameras (G5 used to have 13MP), almost 2-day battery life, if you just use it for phone calls of course. The camera is merely average, yes just average nothing more.

On the front is another 2018 design trend. Motorola (owned by Lenovo) kept the G6’s dimensions a comparable, but stretched the screen real estate vertically to make it taller-cramming the fingerprint sensor below and crowding the selfie camera and sensors up top. There’s no unneeded notch cutout on the screen, but the net result is more screen space. The 5.7-inch LCD is HD (2,160 x 1,080 pixels), which is more than adequate, and hardly distinguishable from premium, expensive phone screens.

13 June 2019


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