Let Me Ask You, How’s Your Prayer Life?

The Christian revelation of God is of an all-powerful eternal being, who yet loves each of us having an intense, personal, and fatherly love. According to Jesus, this supreme Being, inside (and outside) the cosmos, can also be ‘abba’, anf the husband assures us that ‘every hair on our head may be counted’. Each one of us is uniquely precious on the One who may be the source and origin of other nutritional foods. Imagine that from vast amounts of individual people (living and dead) who have trod for this world, which itself is a smaller speck in a vast universe of potentially immeasureable other worlds like ours where it is highly probable that other sentient life exists – that God should ‘keep us in mind’. And even more astounding, that God should give His only Son to become the costly means of saving us from our selves? You couldn’t make up…

The power of prayer is obvious worldwide. People who be determined by God by seeking Him through prayer and studying His Word have the power of God of their lives. In general, Christians believe that prayer has a “reflex influence.” They believe prayer is helpful on the person who is praying. It is valuable as it lifts the praying person up by their bootstraps to ensure they are “feel” better. Christians don’t even think that prayer has the ability to change any situation that would not currently have changed. This clearly points too prayer has little value as perceived by most Christians. How many churches are prayer centric? How many businesses, in a economy, are prayer centric? How many life plans really are a stretch that will require the intervention of God to get achieved? Should I rest my case?

Do take time and in many cases take the time to see this astonishing dream in Daniel Chapter 2 inside the Old Testament part of the Bible, because when we wrestle with this particular text we arrive at see a lot of the need for these past centuries. They have developed into in the same way God had prophetically predicted from the dream as well as highly reliable interpretation by Daniel the person of God for that particular moment.

– Spiritual Insight. Because you might be a Christian, you do not have to live in the flesh. Living in the flesh while trying to choose your health partner means emphasizing the looks, the cash, the education, the family background, etc. And that may be suicidal! You need to be more interested in the spiritual part of your would-be partner. You need to be asking the Holy Spirit to reveal his or her inner person for you, which is, the temperament, the atmosphere swings, gebed om zegen the desires, the likes, the dislikes, etc. It is only the spirit of God that may reveal the theifs to those He loves. And these will be the core ingredients within the collection of your life partner.

‘To be strengthened with power’ inside the biblical context is an amazing concept; the one which we could only barely grasp. Certainly merely the born-again person might even set out to contemplate the vast riches inside the height, depth, width and breadth of Christ’s overwhelming and superabundant love. But even to us, this can be a mystery.

9 April 2020


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