Jerichp’s Trumpet

“Rousing gunfire and espionage elevated by an indelible protagonist.” – Kirkus Review Jericho’s Trumpet is a sequel to Robert Gallant’s Satan’s Stronghold which is also an action-packed plot but of more complex threats. This narrative showcases more of what Chesney Barrett can offer to Travis Weld’s team and to the government. Chesney Barrett has finally accepted a life different from what she is used to. After accomplishing her mission of working as an undercover spy to locate the drug den and help capture the perpetrators; she has continued living from a different perspective. She has finally come to terms with deception being the norm, as what Weld has instilled in her. Chesney now shows-off her charisma as a science-fair judge in order to trace the smuggled nuclear bomb into US. While seemingly this focuses on Chesney and her undeniable talent, Weld on the other hand remains being the tough guy and works on his own with Cassidy as his partner. Weld’s impatience and desperation to get the thing done will likely put their lives at stake. Will they make it the second time around and find the smuggled bomb before it’s too late? Official Website : Facebook Page :… Twitter : Amazon :

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22 January 2019


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