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NFL nearly 50 years classic battle: the first super bowl

As far as the game itself, this game is not very exciting. The context of the first half of the enemy’s hide-hierarchy is more than a lot of regular season, and this game is ranked 35th in the most exciting super bowl of NFL official website. But as the open hills of the superb bowl event that has become a traditional American people, this significance makes this game a classic battle.

NFL already has 40 years when AFL is created. However, it is unexpectedly, and the AFL survived and continued to develop with the Rugby Alliance that was founded in the past and NFL. The two major alliances have begun to compete for top free players and excellent universities (from the beginning of the gentleman agreement, there is no contract in the body, the player is directly grabbed by the opponent.). Finally, NFL decided to negotiate with AFL. In 1966, china wholesale jerseys nfl us com the two parties signed a merger agreement, the two alliances will be merged in 1969, in addition, the two sides decided to establish an AFL-nfl jerseys china World Championship (in the Chief Board Lamar Hunt Invention Super Bowl, the first super bowl of the first super bowl of the first super bowl is called the first The AFL-NFL World Championships will decide which alliance has a better team. The time and place of the game before playing, the time and place of this game & mdash; & mdash; Los Angeles Memorial Stadium is officially announced (although the Los Angeles square is not available to the game broadcast, this game is the only ball ticket without selling After the super bowl, 1/3 of the ball ticket did not sell). This is also the only championship with two television stations (responsible for broadcasting NFL CBS and NBC responsible for broadcast AFL).

In view of the death enemy relationship between the two alliances, the team that represents two major alliances is also huge pressure (it is said that the Tie Lombardi game is too tight and the interview has been trembling.). The Green Bay Package (NFL) and the Kansas City Chief (AFL) are also recognized as the team that is best suited to represent two major alliances. In the 1966 season, the chief has achieved 11 wins and 2 losses. They ranked first in AFL in AFL (2274) in score (448) and total bulls (2274), and the number of flush codes of the three running guards were ranked first in AFL. And the four-point guard Len Dawson is the highest score of AFL score. Their defensive is also quite excellent, with 5 players who are selected for AFL. In the packaging work, under the Legend of the Legend of Vince Lombardi, they got 12 wins and 2 losses. The four-point guard BART STARR is the most valuable player of the year, and their excellent defensive groups have a continuous four-way files in the previous NFL championship to ensure the winner of the package. Before the start of the game, many experts and fans believe that the packaging will be easily wins, and the 9th “hammer” emirate Fred Williamson is known as to take the packaging out of the packaging out. The goods were sent to the stretcher after the game was at the end of the game.

Max McGee

The competition in the first half of the two sides is still a glue. After the first wave of offensive, the packaging workers first difficult. Instead of the first hair of the injured in the game Boyd Bowler (Fred Williamson Iron Elbow’s Goal) Max McGee (he is a semi-retraction in front of the game, but the whole game will get 138 yards 2 times The array) After receiving the Bart Starr pass, it rushed into the David area. After the first section is missing, the chief is found by Dawson by Dawson by Dawson. However, the next wave of the package will rely on the team’s well-known Power Sweep tactics by the full Jim Taylor to complete 14 yards. Half ahead of the average tallery is twisted into 10-14. Many viewers were amazed at the end of the half, and they were also surprised that the chiefs were so good. The number of offensive code in the first half of the year is more than 164 yards of the package, the number of first attacks is also leading 11-9. Therefore, the two parties are also very different, and the chiefs are self-confident, and the packaging work is very anxious.

Willie Wood

However, the second half competition does not have a chief material, but it turns into a situation where it is. The turning point can be said to be a Willie Wood, which is a Willie Wood (he hits the four-point guard at the university. There is no one in the election, and there is no one to enter the package after entering the package. The second half of the second half begins to attack, but in the third gear of their first wave, Dawson’s pass is subject to the packaged sparkling four-point guard, passing by the WOOD and is attacked by 50 yards to the chief 5 yard line. This copy was called “the most important performance of the game” by STARR. After the copy, the package was pulled by the 5th-chi-shock score to 21-10 by running the Elijah Pitts. Next, the chief is a nightmare. Their offensive group was built by the packaging worker, only 1 attack was conducted in the packaging work. In the third quarter, they only pushed 12 yards, Dawson took 59 yards in the next half. The Union of the Emirates offensive group has a good entibrely launching position for the packaging worker offensive group. McGee and Pitts successively obtained the second time of their own games, the package workers locked the victory at 35-10.

Bart Starr in this game was twice successfully 250 yards twice. Detonated data became the first championship MVP. Both players and coaches added a total of 16 people and later selected a famous Hall. (11 packs of the axiaters) Although Lombardi believes that the strength of the chief is not enough to compete with the top NFL team in an interview, the AFL team quickly proved his strength. The third super bowl of champion has proved his strength. .

Bart Starr

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22 February 2022


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