Vertical Mastery Review

What Exactly Is Vertical Mastery?

Vertical Mastery is a software application that creates custom vertical jump training programs to target the weaknesses of the individual athlete. Unlike other vertical training programs, Vertical Mastery is not a 20 page eBook that is the same for everyone. In fact, you can download a free 80 page vertical training eBook from the website, that’s just how confident the creators are in their product.

Why You Should Choose Vertical Mastery

As I mentioned above, the thing that separates this program apart from other programs is that it is actually a piece of software, not some eBook. The top reason that you should choose Vertical Mastery is because it is customizable to you. You can input your details and it will tell you your strengths and weaknesses and then create a workout for you based on those qualities.

How Does It Work?

This software program is very easy to use. The first thing that you have to do is input your information when the options show up on the screen. Some of the things that you will have to enter are your standing vertical, max squat, etc. Just some things that are related to vertical jumping. There is even an option to tell if you do or do not have access to weights. After you input all this information, the program will tell you your strengths and weaknesses based upon the information you inputted. You can then click to find out your new workout. It gives you exact exercises and reps that you should do. These exercises are all customized to fit your strengths and 132 bến vân đồn phường 6 quận 4 weaknesses.

19 January 2019


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