Truth About Ionic Silver

However, merchandise marketed as silver hydrosol are literally adverts for ionic silver products that are usually 95% ionic silver. Covalent silver is the newest within the ionic name game. Once you learn the detailed description for covalent silver you will eventually find that the time period is referring to silver ions. What is Ionic Silver? Technically speaking, a silver ion is an atom of silver that is missing one electron. The outermost electrons of an atom decide the physical properties of the matter. Take away one electron from a silver atom and you get a silver hydrosol by reduction with ferrous citrate ion. Ionic silver will not be the identical as metallic silver, silver particles or colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is made up of tiny nanoparticles of metallic silver. The particles are full and do not mix with different parts. In its ionic kind, silver is highly reactive with other elements, and will readily mix to type compounds.

These names are used to hide the truth from you. You’re getting an ionic silver answer, not colloidal silver. If the product is clear, like water with sugar dissolved in it, it is ionic silver, not colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has an obvious colour. This can be a colloidal silver fact. HOW To check IT. Add desk salt to the product. If silver ions are current, the answer ought to turn cloudy. If it stays clear, nonetheless, it could merely imply no silver is present in any respect. Unfortunately, lab evaluation has proven that some “silver” products include absolutely no silver. Silver protein merchandise, although typically referred to as colloidal silver, are nothing greater than silver particles combined with protein. They can be made easily and at little price. One wants solely to add water to silver protein powder. The powder is bought by many chemical companies. This is the second most commonly misunderstood of colloidal silver details.

Each time that it appeared that both one in every of my youngsters were about to return down with the flu or a cold, we began to give them a product known as Oxysilver. Oxysilver is what’s known as a silver hydrosol water. It’s comprised of nano sized silver particles suspended in a purified water solution, which has a vibrational energy equal to that very same frequency because the body uses for healing. This can be a technology actually invented by NASA, our space company, to be used in outer area. This water kills viruses, micro organism and pathogens on the cellular degree and then harmlessly passes out out the physique. I’m hear to tell you that this Oxysilver, energized, purified water with suspended nano sized silver molecules in it, actually works and is kind of protected. That has been my experience as well as that of hundreds of other informed, free thinking, like minded folks right now. If I have been you, I might keep a bottle on hand and try some when the need may come up. Oxysilver is one very safe alternative to getting a flu shot.

Which means solely 1 ppm of silver particles is current in a product advertised as 10 ppm – and that’s assuming 10% particles. The merchandise which can be solely 1% particles would yield only 0.1 ppm of particles. Since it’s particles, not ions, that produce the particle floor space, customers need to be educated to look for silver content material in the form of particles not ions. Some merchandise which are ionic silver describe their properties by way of “silver particles” making an attempt to confuse the reader into believing within the existence of ionic silver particles. There isn’t any such factor. There are metallic silver particles (nanoparticles) and silver ions, but no ionic silver particles. This distinction is very important. Untold is the truth that the product is generally ionic silver, not silver particles. The very fact is, most such products only comprise a median of 10% of their silver content in the form of silver particles with the majority 80% to 99% within the form of ionic silver.

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