Transportable Jaguar Modder Gives Ben Heck A Run For His Compact Gaming Money (Video)

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If the African individuals of South Africa intended to “shoot the Boers(“Amabunu”), why then is it that through the two weekends of the 22nd of May and twenty ninth of May have been Followers of the “Blue Bulls” and the “Crusaders” Rugby teams, who held their Semi-Finals and Finals in Orlando Stadium not shot, murdered or chased-out by the denizens of Soweto? Its fanciful identify doesn’t cover the fact that the consolidation of passes into single doc to be often known as the reference ebook and issued to all Africans over the age of sixteen.

I am not going to be talking so much about White folks in my posts, but will straight tackle ourselves(Africans) as to what’s occurring to us immediately.

16 April 2019


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