Online dating sites changing way restaurants do business

Ольга ЖунжуроваThe restaurant hates you.

Courtney Carmody/Flickr

When you satisfy your Tinder date from a restaurant, it’s typical to be focused on exactly what they think of an individual.

Should I possess tucked my shirt in? Did I drink also much – or not sufficient?

At that second, it’s less likely that will you’re concerned about how the restaurant staff feels regarding you.

But if a newly released Washington Write-up article

is usually any indication, then the particular restaurant has a lot of emotions about you being there.

The Post article, by Lavanya Ramanathan, explains the reason why restaurants – at the very least in the DC area : “hate” your first dates. Ramanathan reports that folks on those blind 1st dates end up ongoing, sometimes even after they’ve paid the bill, disrupting the regular flow of customers.

19 December 2018


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