Are You Worried About the Swine Flu?

Are you aware what to do? Do you wish to take medicine or do you want the natural method? If you would like to help your self from getting the swine flu or any other chilly or flu that goes around, you need to consider your immune system and what it will probably do for you. Our immune system keeps us wholesome and freed from disease. This might include the swine flu. I can not make any claims in opposition to any particular disease, but I can recommend what to do to keep you freed from most any illness. Dr. Eric J. Rentz, DO, MSc has written extensively about colloidal silver. Here is an excerpt from his paper “Historic Perspectives on Clinical Use and Efficacy of Silver”. If we expand beyond this level, evidently know-how is would be able to create a focus of about 10 ppm (components per million) with a silver particle size of 0.0008 microns. This is considered the smallest particle ever seen in a colloidal silver which in this state is named a “silver hydrosol”.

Acting as a catalyst it disables the enzymes that the microbes want for his or her oxygen metabolism. It reacts primarily with the microbe’s cell wall blocking their capacity to transfer O2 and without inflicting any hurt to the enzymes or elements of the human body chemistry as they’re radically totally different from these of single-celled primitive organisms. Another mechanism by which S.H inhibits microbial growth is by the binding of its positive charge with the unfavourable cost on the pathogen, thus stopping its reproduction. Unlike antibiotics, silver does not produce bacterial resistance. Does S.H destroy or affect the “good bacteria” in our body? In a collection of recent experiments with colloidal silver by H. Mitchell (U of virginia) and others it was found that S.H has no impact on acidophilus bacteria within the stomach. In reality concentrations as high as forty times to destroy illness-producing microbes did not have any bactericidal effect on intestinal flora. In actual fact, it’s thought that S.H could also be advantageous in stimulating vigorous development of helpful bacteria that increase immune system. How is the antimicrobial properties of S.H used? Until 1938 colloidal silver was the choice of physicians for bactericidal effects and empowering the immune system.

What’s the role of Silver in the body? Silver is likely one of the heavy metals present in nature in metallic kind or salts equivalent to sulfide, chloride and nitrate. Metallic and insoluble silver compounds will not be absorbed by the physique and are excreted unchanged. Silver plays no role within the physique and has no hint steel worth. Its predominant use is as an antimicrobial agent. The common daily intake of silver was 10 – 100 mcg/day before the soils became depleted. Currently the everyday American eating regimen together with water accommodates 7.1 ug per day. If silver hydrosol eye drops is used as bacteriostatic agent in drinking water the degrees can be much greater. The EPA states that it’s protected to ingest 350 ug each day. What is Argentyn-23 Silver Hydrosol? We use only Argentyn-23 for Silver. It’s the professional grade silver hydrosol 99.999% pure, utilized by physicians. 0.8 nM) and is preservative and additive free.

Cancer, Diabetes and HIV: In response to “Colloidal Silver Medical Uses, Toxicology and Manufacture,” silver hydrosol may additionally supply benefits in treating certain forms of cancers, diabetes and the human immunodeficiency virus. Alternative Medicine: Manufacturers of silver hydrosol products sometimes suggest utilizing this product as a well being supplement to support your immune system. Some manufacturers even purport that you should utilize silver hydrosol as a substitute of antibiotics to treat infections in your body. In response to “Colloidal Silver: Antibiotic Superhero,” you may as well use this complement to treat scarlet fever, syphilis and herpes. You should all the time converse with a medical professional prior to consuming any health supplement. Unwanted effects related to the use of silver hydrosol embody flu-like symptoms including chills, nausea and fever, skin irritation and doable kidney injury over time. The commonest facet effect related to silver hydrosol is argyria, or mild silver poisoning. Symptoms of argyria include discoloration of your skin, fingers, nails and inner organs. While not life threatening, normally you can not reverse the discoloration associated with argyria. There aren’t any known interactions between silver hydrosol and different medication. You must also converse with a medical skilled prior to taking any silver hydrosol complement.

Silver is a metallic aspect that has several antibiotic properties. Silver hydrosol, often known as colloidal silver, is silver particles suspended in a liquid. Silver hydrosol has many purported medical uses, and you may purchase this type of silver as a health supplement. Colloidal silver can kill sure germs by binding to and destroying proteins. Boosting the Immune System and Treating Illnesses: According to “Colloidal Silver: Antibiotic Superhero,” silver hydrosol can boost your immune system by serving to your physique struggle bacteria, fungi and viruses. Additionally, you should utilize silver hydrosol to treat sore throats, pink eye and the common cold. Antimicrobial Function of Silver: In line with “Colloidal Silver Today: The All Natural, Wide-Spectrum Germ Killer,” silver hydrosol also has antimicrobial advantages, and you should use these supplements as ointments on minor burns and minor skin wounds. As an exterior ointment, the principle objective of using silver hydrosol is to restrict infections, not to cure already existing infections.

17 April 2019


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