Odyssey – The Dweller in the Deeps

8 August 2014 – 10 August 2014 all-day
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Odyssey - The Dweller in the Deeps @ Tournament Stud,  | Biddlesden | United Kingdom

The Age of Heroes

Five years ago, Alexander the Great, mightiest conqueror in history, was defeated in battle when he challenged the gods themselves. Now the gods have decreed that all conflict will take place at the annual, where champions battle in the arena while others scheme to control the world.

The Nations

The five nations of the civilised world are Carthage, Egypt, Greece, Persia and Rome. Each of these send their best to the Annual to bring glory to their gods through victory in the Great Game or simply to settle scores. Each nation has it’s own traditional costume, weapons and armour that players are strongly encouraged to adopt.

The Rules

Odyssey uses an exceptionally simple rule system to bring the world to life. A few simple choices are all that is required to create your character, choose your nation and your path and then you’re ready to play. There is no advancement between events so all characters, new and old, are equally powerful.


29 April 2014


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