Lorien Trust – The Gathering 2014

22 August 2014 – 25 August 2014 all-day
Locko Park
Derbyshire DE21 7BW
Lorien Trust
(GMT) (+44) 1283 220 737. or (GM
Lorien Trust - The Gathering 2014 @ Locko Park | United Kingdom

The Gathering is the Lorien Trust’s biggest main event each summer season. Faction and Guild plots, politics, trading, merriment, rituals, skirmishes, monsters and so much more. As well as a number of mass skirmishes and epic battles.

Many long years of history has now passed, including diverse conflicts of interest, near end of world disasters and minor land disputes. The Gathering Treaty and various pacts has managed to keep the Heartland Nations together, sometimes only by a thread, but they have still held.

Past Gathering themes have included the Underdark Cavern in 1999, the Pyramid in 2000, the Ice Cavern in 2001, the Gothic Tower in 2002, the Lava Lake in 2003, the Cathedral in 2004, the Lantian Villa in 2005, the Dragon’s Cave located at Helenica in 2006, the Dwarven forges near to Igneous in 2007, the Great Library of Knowledge in 2008, the Temple of Solitude in 2009 ,  the Ziggurat of  Tenkswatawa in 2010, Babylon in the  ‘Hanging Gardens’ 2011, the Island of Orkneyja in 2012 and the wellspring of fortune in 2013. What will this year bring?

25 April 2014


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