Lorien Trust – Summer Moot 2014

1 August 2014 – 3 August 2014 all-day
Locko Park
Derbyshire DE21 7BW
Lorien Trust
(GMT) (+44) 1283 220 737. or (GM
Lorien Trust - Summer Moot 2014 @ Locko Park | United Kingdom

Join the Dragons as they journey to The Dragons Eye Ritual Circle, where mighty hero’s have been made and fallen. The Vale of Tears, Rhegedd, nestled amongst the Dragonspine Mountains, an area famed for myth and legend where a new story is just beginning.

The Summer Moot is the third main event of the year and marks the start of the run-up to The Gathering. It can be the perfect opportunity to reassess your alliances and settle a few old scores. Pursue your guild memberships and maybe get involved in a ritual or two. A chance to be a step ahead of the opposition.

25 April 2014


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