HEROFEST – The Long Road

8 May 2014 – 11 May 2014 all-day
Candleston Castle Campsite
Merthyr Mawr
Bridgend CF32 0LS
Herofest LARP
HEROFEST - The Long Road @ Candleston Castle Campsite | Merthyr Mawr | United Kingdom

The Factions have lost their towers and must transport everything, people, equipment, the sick, the old & young, precious items and food to the sanctuary of the Village.

Most of the journeys are complete but a few precious items are left in the towers and in the latest accounting it appears that some of the Squires have been left alone in the towers!

Village life is challenging, the cramped conditions and unusual mix of Factions has led to many neighbourly disputes and Kleinwort Ironfist’s corporals are pushed to the limit to maintain what little order is left, they hold daily courts to manage border disputes and settle petty arguments

But not all is ill in the village, living outside the Tower has brought a renewed vigour to the Artisans and Craftspeople of the towers and they have created several items of great wonder and to improve morale Kleinwort has elected to hold a Spring Moot a gathering of the people to celebrate the new sun and planting of crops. He hopes this will draw everyone together. There will be an election of a May King & Queen and bardic contests over the course of the event.

The Shadowsfall and the Keepers have set up base on Starfall Lake and continue to support the Factions by acting as road guards and using river barges to deliver larger items from the towers and Kleinwort has agreed than they may enter the village for the duration of the Spring moot

A group of strange creatures have been welcomed in to the Village by Kleinwort, they call themselves the Masters of Lore (some feel familiar in an odd way); they have asked the gathered Factions ‘to consider which lore they would pledge their allegiance to’

On the boundaries of the village a threat posed by a mysterious group on knights know only as the Knights of the Dark Lady goes unchecked and no one has seen the Chaos Jester for many moons.

29 April 2014


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