Hero Quest – The Khan’s Great Games

27 June 2014 – 29 June 2014 all-day
Candleston Castle Campsite
Merthyr Mawr
Bridgend CF32 0LS
Hero Quest
01452 504666

A multi party weekend event for Heroquest, Herofest and Heroes and Heroines players.

Chingis Khan, the Khan of all Khans has summoned his People and all people from all places to take part in a great games to celebrate his victory over the Emperor of Chung Po.

The games will involve traditional competitions such as Archery, Strength, Fortitude, Discipline, Tactics and Throat singing. Teams will be sponsored by the Khans four sons Ogedei, Tolui, Chagatai, Kubilia.
Teams from The Valley, the Khalid and the Dymwan on Orin Rakatha have already accepted and will be joined by unknown teams from little known places.

Favor of the Khan will be granted, as well as gifts and newly conquered territory, to victorious teams .

Do you have the strength and skill to compete in the Khan’s great games?
Do you have the wit and guile to survive the Mongol gathering?
Will you and your people accept The Khan’s invite to the great games?

29 April 2014


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