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Odyssey - The Dweller in the Deeps

The Age of Heroes Five years ago, Alexander the Gr

Odyssey - The Arrow of Fire

The Age of Heroes Five years ago, Alexander the Gr

Hero Quest - The Cataclysm

For a number of years now there has been talk of a third Cataclysm with many portents being given as to when and why this will occur.  The Oracles from the Temples of th

Hero Quest - The Khan’s Great Games

A multi party weekend event for Heroquest, Herofest and Heroes and Heroines players.

Hero Quest - The Ascension

What is Ascension and how is it achieved?  Some would say that it is a rare spiritually enlightened being who in past incarnations was an ordinary human, but who has undergone a series of spiritual

HEROFEST - The Grand Conjunction

There is a prediction of a major Celestial alignment, not seen on Orin Rakatha for many generations. What could this conjunction mean to the Factions in their efforts to regain their Towers? Could thi

HEROFEST - The Interplanar Fayre: Last King of the Elves.

To stop the Chaos Jester from acquiring another piece of land, the Factions journey forth to Thranduil for the games of the Interplanar Fayre, and become embroiled in the Elves last journey and their

HEROFEST - The Long Road

The Factions have lost their towers and must transport everything, people, equipment, the sick, the old & young, precious items and food to the sanctuary of the Village. Most of the journeys ar

Lorien Trust - Spring Moot 2014

The Spring Moot is the first main event of the year. This is an ideal time to visit the Traders and see what new stock has arrived, place your custom order ready for The Gathering.